Vehicles inspection center

The Center performs inspections for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and trucks up to 35 Qt.

It uses modern technology and also a highly qualified staff who always ensures a safe work and a high quality of services.

Aware of the importance of the vehicles inspection service (which ensures the vehicle conditions and the maintenance of the noise and pollution emissions within the limits of law), the staff makes careful checks on:

  • Identification data of Vehicle (readability of chassis numbers, plate, engine);
  • Installation of lighting, visual and acoustic system;
  • Seat belts;
  • Tyre (wear and type);
  • Brake system (state of wear and efficiency);
  • Exhaust emissions (gas pollutants);
  • Noise of the engine and exhaust system;
  • Bodies steering;
  • Bodies suspension and shock absorbers (control of efficiency);
  • Visibility of windows, mirrors, windshield wipers;

These tests have to be performed on all types of vehicle. Instead, in the specific case of the trucks, have to be performed the following checks:

  • Tipper;
  • Rear bumper;
  • Wedges: required for vehicles over 35 Qt;
  • Reflective panels;
  • Reflectors;
  • Tachograph: keep with himself the declaration of check that the revision, for the current year, was carried out;
  • Refrigerated vans: the ATP claims must not be expired;
  • Means of work: blinking yellow light and written;
  • License plate trailers;
  • Keep with himself the original license (on their own) to transport goods for trucks weighing more than 60 Qt at full load;
  • Vehicles with cranes: annual verification certificate;
  • Adr transports;
  • Discs speed;
  • Rear view mirrors;
  • Windscreen not damaged and not opaque;
  • Mudflaps (splash guard) and fenders.

Since 2000, the legislation provides which the first review of vehicles have to be done 4 years after registration, then every two years.

Within "Nuova Avir Service" the vehicles inspection service is carried out according to the rules established by the DMV, subjecting vehicles to all checks required by applicable law.

The revision of trucks and trailers, with a total weight exceeding 35 Qt, has an annual basis. New Avir Service, as an authorized mechanical shop FTP IVECO Motors, offers also to its customers a complete range of engines (ranging from 40 to 1,765 kW), suitable for any application: vehicular, agricultural, industrial, marine. These technological choices are aimed to achieve: high performance, low fuel consumption and low emissions.