“Nuova Avir Service” makes computerized diagnosis and offers a large range of services for any type of vehicle. Speed, quality and affordable prices are the most important elements which characterize every type of work:

IVECO Mechanical engineering with use of original Iveco spare parts - IVECO-FPT Mechanical engineering - IVECO marine and industrial - Auto Repairs - Repairs and Replacement of Tires –Digital Tachographs – Vehicles’ electrical repairs - Pre-testing, testing and revision of Trucks; inspection cars and motorcycles with capacity up to 35 q.li – Road Service 24 hours a day with the Mobile Repairs Workshop - Service Point authorized by “WABCO”.

Within the repair shop, you will also find a CAR WASH SERVICE, performed using only safe products and with a great attention to the smallest detail.

Authorized Workshop by IVECO

Nuova Avir Service is part of IVECO, a network thathas more than 520 service centers for commercial vehicles in Italy. Technical support, continuingeducation and the guarantee of security of all the sparepartsused, are the strong points of this network isconstantlyevolving.

The continuingeducation, in particular, is an addedvalue.Mechanicswho work within the Iveco network, areconstantlyupdated to a perfectknowledge of allvehicles and to the best intervention for each situation.

Moreover, the original Iveco spareparts are synonymous with quality, guaranteed by tests, controls and by a constantprocess of search for the best industrial partners.

Skilledtechnicians, advancedequipment and suppliers of excellence, allowing the New Avir Service to build a relationship with customersbased on trust and problemsolving.

Authorized Workshop by Punto Pro

Nuova Avir service is also part of PUNTOPRO network: a worldwide network whichispresent in Italy with over 1300 workshops whichprovideoriginalandcertifiedqualityspareparts, updated and avant-gardeinstrumentation.

Workshops which are part of the PUNTOPRO network, are ready to intervene in cars of anymake or model.Theyhave to answerto qualitystandardsveryselective,as the suppliedof multi-brand diagnosticinstrumentation, software for technical information, participation in training courses and much more.

Way to ensure the driver maximum professionalism, quality of services, speed of intervention and greatprices.

Repair Workshop

“Nuova Avir Service” carries out repairs and maintenance for all types of vehicle: cars and motorcycles of any brand, commercial, marine and industrial vehicles.

The skilled mechanics who work in it are able to solve every mechanical and electronic problem and to offer their customers a wide range of services: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - ELECTRICAL REPAIRS - DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS - REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT TIRES - PRETESTING AND TESTING VEHICLES - MULTI-BRAND DIAGNOSTICS SYSTEMS FOR TRUCKS .

The repair shop cooperates only with the best-known brands and with the most reliable Partners of this field as “Continental” and “Webasto”. The use of modern equipment, able to perform accurate diagnosis, complete the profile of an organization with a growing customer portfolio.

Mobile repairs workshop

This service allows the company to reach its customers wherever they are and whenever they need ordinary or emergency technical assistance. In fact, the modern equipment located within the company’s mobile repairs workshop, allows to carry out ordinary and extraordinary repairs without moving the vehicle. With consequent saving of time for the driver and of vehicle displacement costs.

To activate the assistance procedure, please contact the number + 39 0932 667507, available 24/24. During all the time of the operations, it will be supplied a constant telephone support in order to identify, from the outset, the most appropriate solution to restore the mobility of the customer in the shortest time possible.

Digital tachographs authorized shop

The digital tachograph is the instrument aimed at the registration of all drivers activities (driving, rest, availability and remaining work time etc.). It is mandatory on all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and on those for the transport of more than 9 persons, which have been registered from 02/05/2006. Its use is regularized by the new European regulation 561/2006, which amended the provisions of the law 3821/85. Currently, the digital tachograph is the safest instrument for recording and viewing drivers activities.

Only companies authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development can operate on this kind of equipment.

Digital and Analogical Tachograph models available within Nuova Avir Service:
Digital tachograph DTCO 1381

Authorized "WABCO" service point

“Nuova Avir Service” is part of the network “Wabco”, a company leader in the field of products for compressed air braking systems. Being Partner of this great company, allows the “N.A.S.” to offer its customers products and services designed to improve the safety and efficiency of vehicles in circulation.

Car wash service

“Nuova Avir Service” has also a car wash service for complete cleaning of vehicle’ s interior and exterior. The use of certified products and innovative technologies, guarantees a result which can satisfy the most attentive and demanding customer.

Treatments performed: Dry external – Car Wax – Car Polishing - Suction and Care of the Interior.

Diagnostics systems of axles alignment for vehicles with trailer

The alignment axles service for vehicles with trailers is characterized by using the most modern electronic equipment which allow you to make a diagnosis quickly and easily without any loss of accuracy. A constant monitoring of the axles alignment of the wheels, allows maximum efficiency of your vehicles, an improved road safety and a reduction in costs related with fuel consumption and tire wear.

Diagnostics systems measure:

Convergence / Divergence - Out of square - Camber - Caster - King Pin Inclination - Divergence burst - Maximum Burst of the wheels

The staff of the New Avir Service is composed by highly skilled professionals, who are able to quickly and effectively make diagnosis, ensuring immediate actions in case of need.



New Avir Service also works on new electronic plants of management for vehicles, thus optimizing their performance and solving many problems often arising from the malfunctioning of the electrical and electronic fields.

Thanks to technology "DIMSPORT" New Avir is able to intervene on the original map to recalibrate the parameters of the engine management.

The range of solutions offered includes:

  • reading and writing tools through the OBDII port or specific diagnostic connectors;
  • JTAG / BDM / BOOT technology aimed at direct access to comprehensive data contained in the control unit;
  • operating software up to date with vast database of drivers designed to allow professional interventions for the tuning and the recalibration of the engines.

All proposed instruments are available both in master and in slave configuration, providing tuning solutions for environments CAR, BIKE, LCV (light commercial), TRUCK (vehicles), AGRI (tractors and agricultural vehicles) and MARINE, with a comprehensive coverage of brands and models ranging from European means to Asian and American means, thanks to the development teams which is located throughout the world.


Nuova Avir Service is partner of ALEMASAT.

Protectthe vehiclesis a requirement of allowners of means of transport and thanks to the variousfunctions of the Satellite System “Alemasat”you can control, locate, follow and track down anyvehicle (bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, etc.) in each part of the world.

A simpleapp to download on yoursmartphone, allowyou to get a set of dedicatedservicessuchas: the location of the vehicle, the display of the historicpaths, the fuelconsumption control, driver-protection.A motionsensor, in fact, allows to ensure the function "allertfall" to bike, e-bikes and motorbikes, while the "crash sensor” for four-wheelvehicleshelps to protect the driver by activatingemergencyservices in case of accident.

Safety and security havealwaysbeen the strengths of Alemasatdeviceswhichwillgiveyou high performance and absolutesafety.

Authorized Workshop by ALLTRUCKS

Nuova Avir Service is part of ALLTRUCKS network, characterized by the presence of a wide range of highly professional services for all kinds of industrial and commercial vehicle, of any brand. Behind Alltrucks there are three great original equipment manufacturers: BORSH, ZF and KNORR-BREMSE.Thisnetwork is uniquejust because this “fusion” of the different skills creates a unique solution for workshops.

With its unique diagnostic system “Alltrucks”, which integrates the three diagnostic systems of the founding partners, the workshops of this network are ablenotonly to engage in routine maintenance but also in the repairs of alltypes of vehicles.

All this means that NUOVA AVIR SERVICE you will find an high standards of quality service and anysolution for problems at your vehicle.

I nostri partner

About Us

Nuova Avir Service was founded by established professionals in the vehicles repairs Industry. The staff is, in fact, composed by a large number of specialized mechanics who work every day with passion and commitment in order to achieve a common goal: the excellence of the services offered.

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