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Vehicles Inspection Centre

The Center performs inspections for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and trucks up to 35 Qt and on industrial vehicles whose total mass exceeds 35 Qt. View Details

Authorized Workshop by IVECO

Nuova Avir Service is part of IVECO, a network thathas more than 520 service centers for commercial vehicles in Italy. Technical support, continuingeducation and the guarantee of security of all the sparepartsused, are the strong points of this network isconstantlyevolving.View Details

Authorized Workshop by Punto Pro

“Nuova Avir Service” is part of the “Puntopro” network, which is represented by auto repair shops always ready to intervene in the cars maintenance of any model.View Details

Authorized Workshop by ALLTRUCKS

Nuova Avir Service is part of ALLTRUCKS network, characterized by the presence of a wide range of highlyprofessionalservices for allkinds of industrial and commercial vehicle, of any brand. BehindAlltrucksthere are threegreatoriginalequipmentmanufacturers: BORSH, ZF and KNORR-BREMSE.Thisnetwork isuniquejust becausethis“fusion” of the differentskillscreates a uniquesolution for workshops.View Details


Nuova Avir Service is partner of ALEMASAT. Protectthe vehiclesis a requirement of allowners of means of transport and thanks to the variousfunctions of the Satellite System “Alemasat”you can control, locate, follow and track down anyvehicle (bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, etc.) in each part of the world. View Details

Repair Workshop

“Nuova Avir Service” carries out repairs and maintenance for all types of vehicle: cars and motorcycles of any brand, commercial, marine and industrial vehicles. View Details

Mobile Repairs Workshop

This service allows the company to reach its customers wherever they are and whenever they need ordinary or emergency technical assistance. In fact, the modern equipment located within the company’s mobile repairs workshop, allows to carry out ordinary and extraordinary repairs without moving the vehicle. With consequent saving of time for the driver and of vehicle displacement costs. View Details

Digital Tachographs Authorized Shop

The digital tachograph is the instrument aimed at the registration of all drivers activities (driving, rest, availability and remaining work time etc.).View Details

Service Point authorized by “WABCO”

“Nuova Avir Service” is part of the network “Wabco”, a company leader in the field of products for compressed air braking systems.View Details

Car Wash Service

“Nuova Avir Service” has also a car wash service for complete cleaning of vehicle’ s interior and exterior. View Details

Diagnostics systems of axles alignment for vehicles with trailer

The alignment axles service for vehicles with trailers is characterized by using the most modern electronic equipment which allow you to make a diagnosis quickly and easily without any loss of accuracy.View Details


New Avir Service also works on new electronic plants of management for vehicles, thus optimizing their performance and solving many problems often arising from the malfunctioning of the electrical and electronic fields. View Details

Nuova Avir Service

“Nuova Avir Service” is a repair shop which is located in the industrial area of Ragusa. It is authorized by “IVECO” and “PUNTOPRO”, so it’s able to provide its customers with technical and specialized assistance for cars, motorcycles and also commercial, marine and industrial vehicles.

Before carrying out any repair or maintenance work for vehicles, the staff make careful diagnosis, listening to the customers' specification and using advanced electronic instruments.

Professionalism, quality and transparency are the pillars of the corporate philosophy, to ensure only the best services to its customers and take care of each vehicle.

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